Troy, OH

Sat, 2012-08-11
Miami County Fair
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daniellehood02's picture

An hour from my house and a day before my birthday!! Pretty epic! This will be my 35th show !

KourtniSue's picture

You will be playing on my 20th birthday in my home town! Im so excited this ust made my birthday even more amazing just becuase im going to be able to attend your concert on my birthday! it would be a dream come true if you sang me happy birthday :) or if i could just meet you! my birthday would be complete thats all i want this year! Can't wait to see you August 11th on my Birthdayyy!

roseo's picture

please do a meet and greet - my daughter and her friend would love to meet you =)

rayofhope724's picture

I would love to meet you at this show, your song wanted it going to be my wedding song. Ever since I've met the most wonderful person on earth. All I've ever wanted is to be loved and wanted and after the love of my life told me, I'm all he's ever wanted. I heard your song the next day for the first time and I said that's my wedding song and I listen to it everyday.

Faith_Dream_Believer711's picture

Hey Hunter Hayes I just really need to tell you something..
You really truly are amazing! ♥.. you truly inspire me everyday. every time I hear your music or you talking .. You are very talented! and VERY cute! :)!! I HOPE I GET TO MEET YOU ONE DAY!!!!! :) you make me want my DREAM MORE AND MORE! :)
You really Inspired me! ♥ after listening to you or seeing you.. makes Me feel like I can DO anything in this world!!! ♥ and nothing else matters! but my dream!! :) ♥ and I'm tired of having it being a dream! I'm gonna make it real! THANK YOU HUNTER HAYES! I love you!! I hope i get to meet you!!! that would be a dream come true also!

KourtniSue's picture

I cant believe you are going to be here on my bday still :)))) but i met you at country concert i hope you remember my sign that said sing to me in troy ohio for my 20th bday! that would make turning 20 amazing! you said you will see what you can doooo so im keeping my fingers crossed! :)

buckeyefan545's picture

So excited you are coming to my hometown!!! It was amazing meeting you at Country Concert and I hope I will be able to here as well :)

KourtniSue's picture

Yay its finally August 11th! i hope you are ready for the concert tonight in troy ohio and ready for all my girls to be there celebrating my bday! we will be in the third row with a sign :) hope you can make the wish come true! see ya soon!

momofmandm's picture

My daughters Morgan and Maddie and their friends will be at your Troy oh concert. Maddie had her appendix out on Tues. unexpectedly but would not miss concert for anything. They would love to meet you:)