Tipton, PA

Sun, 2012-06-03
Del Grosso's Park
4352 E. Pleasant Valley Blvd
Tipton, PA
United States


Showtime: 4:00

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Hunter Mon, 2012-07-16 08:08 Kaylie
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elliemae_y's picture

Can't wait!!!

Snc1129's picture

I'll be there! I am beyond excited!!
Will there be any sort of signing or meet & greet at the show??

Melia WV's picture

I can Not wait to go on this Road trip with My Best Friends to See Hunter!!

TristaThayer's picture

Amazing concert! even in the rain you still played!(:


I went tonight and it was the best concert I ever saw ! I love hunter hayes so much im his serisously his biggest fan ! I just want to thank you Hunter so much for the guitar pick and the hug that you gace me today ! You have no clue how happy that made me tonight ! i love your music so much and I know that you are going to go far with your carrer thank you for signing the guitar pick that you gave me and signing my shirt the hug that you gave me meant so much to me you dont know how happy you made me (: Thank you <3

Sarissa9's picture

sooo amazing!!
the rain sucked but it was totally worth it to see him:)
and then getting to meet him was just soo awesome!!!!

crazywild1015's picture

Any idea when the pics are going to be up from the sponsor meet and greet at the tipton show, my kids are patiently waiting

HunterHayes98's picture

when will the meet & greet pics be on?

kahouck's picture

this was amazing.. even in the rain!

HunterHayes98's picture

i'm refreshing every 10 minutes, just hoping the meet and greet photos for Tipton will be on..<3

BeMine's picture

They are! If you go to www.hunterhayes.com/shows and click archive, then click DE M&G pictures, then click other and the top of the screen, and then click Tipton, they should be right there! Sorry if this is a little confusing, let me know if you need more help!

MikeWillz1986's picture

Went to the Hunter Hayes concert in Tipton yesterday (6/3/12) and I must say (as an aspiring singer/songwriter myself) that it was one of the most raw displays of pure talent I've ever seen! Though I'm just 26, I've followed music since the age of 3 and Hunter Hayes is one of the best singer/guitar/piano players I've seen and heard in quite some time...He's a consummate performer, entertainer and showman and you can see he has a deep passion for what he does. And it's obvious it's all for his fans...So Hunter, thanks for putting on an excellent show despite the wet weather. Keep on rockin' and doing what you do..And remember the sky's the limit! And I also appreciate the kind words and the autograph and picture when we met after the show...P.S. Hope you enjoyed the package!!! Signed: Mike Williamson aka Mike Willz

miss_ashleyx14's picture

even tho it rained the whole time,i still had a blast at the show! i'm hoping to see you again with carrie underwood <3 love you so much & thanks for the picture<3