St. Louis, MO

Thu, 2012-05-10
The Pageant
6161 Delmar Blvd
St. Louis, MO 63112
United States

Showtime: 8:00

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Soundcheck in St. Louis, MO Wed, 2012-05-16 22:06 Hunter Hayes
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mgrunik's picture

meet and greet? please :)

Callie's picture

Hooorraayy! Me and my buddies are COMING to the St. Louis show! So excited that a real, honest to goodness headline show is coming to Missouri! We will be there with bells on! :D

chiara98's picture

I am so bummed I didn't know I could buy a VIP pack:( My daughter can't wait to see you and recently has been diagnosed with a Chiari Malformation of the brain which has been a devastating blow. Last Friday they did more MRIs at Children's Hospital to decide when to do the brain decompression surgery which will only reduce her symptoms but there is no cure for the condition she has. When there they asked what music do you want to listen to she said "HUNTER HAYES OF COURSE". To see that beautiful giddy smile when she says his name makes me tear up. You see my daughter is your current 2012 World's Miss Jr Teen a title won out of 51 other girls & has always been beautiful inside and out [won in November & life changing event happen this March]. She has been faced with so much in the past two months & so many say she looks normal which she is just her brain slipped into her spinal canal and is blocking csf flow causing seizures drop attacks increased heart rate headaches and affecting her motor skills. A huge blow for a 14 year old girl whose played sports modeled has won a lot of scholarship money in academic pageants but yet she stays strong & says the only thing I will lose is my hair for the surgery but I am still me & I am gonna be somebody's heart break lol I'm sure she'd love more than anything to be Hunter Hayes'. I so hope I am able to get her picture with him it will mean the world dang wish I would have known sooner and now sold out :( Regardless we have tickets and have to say I can't wait to surprise her when she sees where Mom is taking her tomorrow night with a few friends. It will be an emotional mom moment because she will be so excited and giddy and its something I haven't seen in a while with all that's going on! Thank you for coming to St. Louis may be 60 mile drive but well worth it for my baby girl!

betho2l's picture

I'm not sure if you read any of these comments but I hope someone will. First I went to the show at the Pageant in St.Louis and I was very impressed. I found that there were some very good things and some issues that could really have used improvement.
I do not fit the demographic of all the young girls in the "mosh pit" however I was turned onto your music recently and was very happy to be able to see you preform live. Your performance was excellent, for someone your age you seem to have a great way of connecting with your audience.
The problem I found was with your sound mix, I have been to a number of shows at the Pageant and have never had this issue before. As the show started my husband and I turned to each other and said...the mix is off. It was very clear to those of us who were there to see you as a musician rather than as a "cute guy" that your guitarist and bass player were drowning out your wonderful vocals. It was a shame because when your vocals did carry it made such an enormous difference.
As an old rocker I know that you don't always have to have everything cranked up to have a loud rocking concert,,your mike needed to be turned up and the guitar and bass needed to go down.

However,,it is clear that you are an exceptionally talented musician. Had you been born somewhere else you would have gone to Julliard. You seem to come to life when you pick up an instrument and just start playing...Although you may not be Clapton (yet?) your riffs were clean and clear and amazing.I've seen Urban and I think you're better,,,I was very impressed. That's hard to do.
The most OUTSTANDING moments were you and an acoustic guitar and a mike. We were riveted. The crowd was enthralled and you were so in your element..I was amazed.
So it was a GREAT concert even with the sound issues. I will definitely come to see you again,,especially if you are headlining. I think that you excel in small venues where you can connect with you audience.
I will be interested to see how your music matures as you do, although for someone so young your music shows depth and maturity beyond your years. I think I will enjoy seeing what comes next.
As someone who is not a country music fan, I think it's a shame that musicians are categorized... the fans loose because of it. I think you would appeal to a very broad audience.
I also found it very touching that you were the one who cleaned up the stage from the signs and posters that your fans you clean your room too ???