Plattsburgh, NY

Thu, 2012-07-19
Clinton County Fair
84 Fairgrounds Rd
Plattsburgh, NY 12962
United States

Showtime: 8:00

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dazedbyhayes1112's picture

going up to NY to visit my fam around this time.... bt it is still 4 hrs from where they live :\ hopefully i can make it!!!!

rivers's picture

I am going to this.. I love him so much I cannot wait!

kmm1o21's picture

bringing my daughter and a friend they are so excited, will be a 5 hour drive, wish there was a meet and greet.

hayescrazedad's picture

Driving 18 hours from Cape Breton so my kids can see the show......:)

adirondackgrl's picture

Bringing my daughter Lauren (she's loved Hunter from day one). Anyone know by chance if there will be a meet & greet?

JulieJGriffin97's picture

BEST. CONCERT. EVER. When will our photos be posted? I'm really really excited to see it! Meeting Hunter has been the highlight of my life! He is just the nicest person in the world and I can't believe we actually had a conversation instead of just *CLICK* "next!" I hope he comes back near me again! :D