Grand Rapids, MI

Thu, 2012-11-15
Van Andel Arena

On Tour With Carrie Underwood

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helen_aw's picture

My daughter has no idea she will be receiving tickets to Hunter's concert in GR for her 11th birthday!! She said "it's the only thing I want and it can be my birthday and Christmas gift". She is going to be beyond excited!!

hw_wanted's picture

I am so excited to see Hunter Hayes perform for Carrie Underwood! He is my favorite singer ever and I LOVE his voice! All of his songs are so good and I cannot wait to hear them live and see him! I get chills everytime I think about what the concert will be like! I cannot wait!

Skylar13's picture

your daughter is soo luck my mom said i couldnt goo.. but your daughter will be the happiest girl in the world!!!