Cresco, IA

Sat, 2012-06-23
Howard County Fair
Cresco, IA
United States

Showtime: 8:00

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Hunter hayes at the mighty howard county fair <3 Wed, 2012-06-27 08:18 shotgungirl15
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Flicka17's picture

I know I will defiantly be there! My friend and I went together last time to see Gloriana and it was a blast! As soon as I found out Hunter Hayes was coming to Cresco, I was SO excited!!!! So I told my friend right away, and she is a big fan also! So can't wait to go!!!! :)

ISU Girl's picture

Hey so I am going to be at this! Is there any way possible to hang out with Hunter before the concert!? I would love the chance to get to know him. I have a friend in the fair board that said he is going to talk to you about it, but if there is anything else I could do to sit down and chat with Hunter that would be amazing! :) You can find me on facebook "Heather Riha".

soccergirl73's picture

Why cant you buy tickets?

Tootsiepop's picture

I'm so excited for this show!! would love to meet Hunter if there's any way??? he's so amazing!!!

Brittneymg's picture

Will there be any meet and greets?

.Brianna's picture

The concert was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. The only thing i wish i could have done was gotten my picture taken with him! No matter how much I asked the workers they said no ):

shotgungirl15's picture

Two of my friends and i went and had an amazing time!!! we planned on going months ago and all we could talk about was oh my gosh what if we got to touch his foot?!! well we ended up buying t-shirts before the concert so we could wear them and what do you know? they gave out meet and greet braclets for free with our purchases because we were some of the first people!!! when i met him i was speechless. him and the security people laughed at me and oh my gosh his laugh is so cute... i was shaking so bad!! and i got to give him a hug!!!! i cant even count how many times i screamed i love you during the concert. and i may have been halucinating but i swear we made eye contact when he sang... <3