Cincinnati, OH

Fri, 2012-05-11
2621 Vine St.
Cincinnati, OH
United States

Showtime: 7:00

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Cincinnati-Kid's picture

I want to go to this so bad! <3

dazedbyhayes1112's picture

pretty sure im goin to this.... its only 2 hrs away!!!! :)

dazedbyhayes1112's picture

sooo im pretty sure im goinn.... my 8th HH concert... wow!!! <3

ILoveHHayes's picture

I'm going! :)

hunterhayesfan147's picture

So excited, 2 more days. Does anyone know who the special guest is?

countrygirl13's picture

1 more day!!! <3

dazedbyhayes1112's picture

this concert was awesomeee!!!!! it was great to c hunter again :) he put on another unbelievable performance and played with so much enthusiasm and energy.... he wasnt feeling to well.... bt u would have NEVER guessed in a million years! was fortunate enough to meet him afterwards and now im countin down the days till my nxt show of his <3