Chicago, IL

Wed, 2012-12-12
United Center

On Tour With Carrie Underwood

Coffee House Experience information coming soon.

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MarryMe_Hunter's picture

I am so excited that you are coming to Chicago and that I finally get to see you! Can't wait for December!

MarryMe_Hunter's picture

Scratch that could not find good tickets so instead I'm making my family drive to Troy Ohio! So pumped!

rae720's picture

aw!!! no coffee house experience!!! really wanted to meet you!!!! :'(

Katie412's picture

I love Hunter Hayes and Carrie Underwood which is why i'm so excited for this concert... i tweet hunter alot and my wish is that he will tweet me back!

MikeSarar's picture

its great,it would be a great fun.
Koh Tao Thailand

lorileeclark's picture

This is the ONLY thing my daughter wanted for Christmas. Can you please let us know the details of how to obtain the "Coffee House Experience"? I have the tickets to the concert, but the concert is in a week and I would like the information for the meet and greet as quickly as possible, so we can get our plans made. Thanks!

lorileeclark's picture

I am getting VERY worried about the Coffee House Experience. I purchased 3 tickets for the Chicago, IL concert and still there is no information available. This is ALL my child wanted for Christmas and I REALLY need to know what I am supposed to do when we get there. PLEASE let me know the details soon. My email is and I purchased the tickets back in September.

lorileeclark's picture

I am VERY worried about the coffee house experience. I purchased 3 tickets for Chicago, IL and I have no information yet regarding what to do when we get to the venue. The concert is in 4 days and I am getting VERY concerned. PLEASE give us the information soon. Thank you!

mlp52888's picture

I am so excited!!! I met Hunter and he was so nice!!! I hope my picture turns out great!!!