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Music is one of the ways people use to express feelings and thoughts. And their are lots of musicians popping out nowadays, but you can now hardly hear beautiful and real music.
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This post is extremely good. I am great fan of you and you really make your listeners happy with your mind blowing voice as well as song, which is really awesome. Keep on uploading such songs and also update about your new work.

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Is he one of the boy band, The wanted? I heard some of their songs. Their voices makes me feel better when I am down especially Hunter Hayes.

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I love all of hunter Hayes songs

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i love you hunter hayes. you're so amazing. you make me feel wanted everytime i hear that song on the radio and on youtube. i just have to say you have some of the most beautiful eyes i have ever seen in my life. and you also have one of the most beautiful voices i have ever heard. you dont need to let that go to waste. keep on singing and making more music i love you and support you. just keep on doing what you do. and you will always be number one on my list. i love you so much hunter hayes.. (: (: <3

sierra971's picture

I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

dazedbyhayes143's picture

My whole family loves you! My dad went to Wal-Mart today to try to find your cd and didn't have any luck:( my mom ordered it though! yay!!! you will go places in your career and you are very talented! i hope you will come to west virginia soon!:) thanks -Taylor

lovehunterhayesalways's picture

i love wanted i can only wish a certin guy would tell me that some times...<3

XxtapthatswaghunterhayesxX's picture

i love all your songs! Every time i listen to them i have the urge to never stop :) There are incredible and i absolutely love your voice is breath taking :) Your my Absolute favorite country singer! <3 If only i could go to your concerts by sadly i live in a small town in British Columbia :\ If i ever had a chance to meet you i sooooo would! <3 I Love you Hunter!!!! Your Amazing! -Jasmine

jorrrdan25's picture

I love the song Wanted...because it makes me feel Wanted. (: I love you Hunter! <3 You're amazing!

juliayanchek's picture

HUNTER I LOVE YOU TOMCU<3 I WILL ALWAYS BE UR FAN!...... oh yeah i love you!!!!!(:

KatPricer's picture

i love you and your music so much, it;s ridiculous <3 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COME TO ARIZONA!

janeloveshunter's picture

i know your singing this song to me...i just know it. i love you hunter!!!!!!

irispowel2012's picture

i love the song "wanted" my boyfriend sang this song for me when we first met and when i herd it on the radio i fell in love with it even more. your songs are amazing keep up the good work! hopefully you make more songs