Storm Warning

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wildflame's picture

Best country singer out there!!!!!! My friend told me about wanted and i was hooked from the first note and have been ever since!

HannahEliz's picture

Thank you for creating music that is respectful and meaningful, you have such a good heart!

j2ther31's picture

when i first heard this song on the radio, i knew he was going to be big and he is working on it!!! i am a huge Hunter Hayes fan and cannot wait until he comes to Sioux City Iowa!! :)

MeganLovesHH's picture

Hunter you're amazing, I'm so glad I'm a fan of you. Your music is inspirational and I love it. <3 You're my inspiration and I love you!(: <3

ilovehunterhayes97's picture

I love this song!!!!!! It's amazing!!!((((;

giannanoonan's picture

My musical inspiration, so thank you.

Travis.McD's picture

Hey, I don't know if you respond to any of this stuff or anything, but I was wondering if I could get sheet music or at least chords to some of your songs. I respect you as an artist/musician and I really like your music. You have an incredible gift. Let me know if there is anything that I can do. Until then, keep rockin' it bro.

dazedbyhayes1112's picture

okkk so i was watchin american idol.... and there is tthis guy.... when he is announced he is said to sing "Storm Warning" by Hunter Hayes!!!!! i flippppped out and jumped off the couch and literally screamed :p (im nt kidding...thts no joke!) he did okay.... was a little pitchy... so hunter.... u should perform as a guest on the show and sho them how its really done ;)

dazedbyhayes1112's picture

u kno... its AMAZING when u listen to this on ur iPod or cd....but it is 100000000000 times better when it is on the radio.... however, there is one station i listen to and when they play "Storm Warning," about the last 20 seconds are cut off... i should call and complain... i mean seriously?!?!? y would u wanna cut off such a good song? there is srill valuable "rockin out wherever u r RIGHT at tht moment" time....

barbie8's picture

love this song and you Hunter.but my mom wont let me go to one ove you'r conserts because she dosn't want to drive me there.soooo, if you could come to Vermont and performe at the Caladona county fair. that would make my day <3

barbie8's picture

i love this song and you but my mom dosnt want to drive me to one of you'r conserts so can you come to VT and play at the fair <3



coley13's picture

I love you Hunter! Your songs make my bad days so much better! Hope you have more songs really soon!

Country_Girl100's picture

Freakin LOVE this song :) Its my favorite!! Dude! Your brave! How can you get up on stage when your only 6 years old?? And 30 instruments?? I thought i played alot ! And i play 7!!Anyways:) BEST SONG EVER!!!!!!!!! Love you hunter!<3

hiiitshannah's picture

I love this song! I have been listening to it non stop!! Favorite song of the moment!! :)

nicole hayden's picture

i can't wait to see you at the top of the charts , & i love how you're in it for the love of music. come to tampa, pretty please. <3

Kayhlie's picture

I love this song, AMAZING! I love you Hunter! ♥

LilLynne's picture

Wow! I really love this song and I love Hunter's Story. You really have come far from the time since you were a kid. I am definately a fan and will be looking out for new music. Great song!!!