Playing at the Bridgestone Stage at CMA Music Fest

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country_lovin's picture

I wanna be just like you.

brieth3only's picture

<3 <3

Musicluver4life's picture

OMG now I really want a guitar so I can learn how to play Storm Warning and the other songs I like a well lol :) :D

kgieser205's picture

Hunter, I love your music. It always has a way to make me smile and connect to my life. Thank you for being you!

stayforeveryoung's picture

Love the pic Hayes! Haha all your class and passion caught up in one moment...beautiful! I don't know how you keep track of all the instruments you play and your wonderful voice to go along with everything-can I just say...TALENTED?

Kayhlie's picture

I love that face!

mili's picture

I love how this pic shows how passionate and talented you are

tvan3156's picture

yah! slammin that guitar!

rachmarie's picture

Love this pic :)

hunterhayesluvr's picture

U look like u r havin a blast!!! U r sooooo cute!!!!! I totally am way too obsessed!! Luv ur music!!! Keep rockin! <3<3

Lauren19's picture

I Love You!!!!(:

RoisinLuvsYou's picture

Truly Talented and amazing :O

hayniac's picture

Hunter, I know you probably won't ever read this but I want you to know I love you(:

cassia evans's picture

i like this pic

cassia evans's picture

i like this pic

hunter is the best's picture

I love his Guitar face

lovehunterhayes555's picture

Hunter, you will never read this, and I'm just another dumb Hayniac out of like...thousands...but I just wanted to let you know that I'm freaking in love with you and your can't even describe how much I'm inspired by your awesomeness...I love you way more than I should!!! <333 Keep doing what you do and please don't ever change!!! LOOOVVVEEE YYOOUUUU!!!!!!!!!!! <3333333

-Me :)

TheStorm's picture

playing guitar... LIKE A BOSS!

abbyhayes21's picture

You look like your having a good time!! And lookin good while doin it!!!


My heart melts every time I see that crooked smile on your face! :)

kayleahm1234's picture

hunter im the biggest fan, "wanted" is the b est song in the world.