If you're going to see us on the Blown Away Tour, look for this!

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Cat_Lady_Hunter89's picture

Ahh! Hunter! I'm the girl from Wichita that wishes you and the HH Road guy and girl a great day every single day! I wish you would follow me on twitter! @moll_dawg_22

Sydney Darcy's picture

Wish I could see that in person, that'd be amazing!! Its huge, btw.. very cute:)

Dancermarly's picture

Your dream has come true! Embrace it and feel the joy around you! ;) wishing you the best....

Marly Dansereau
Canada,Saskatchewan, Saskatoon

Hunter Hayes number one fan's picture

omg! hunter im going to your concert on mach 26th and i hope to at least see your tour bus! by the way i can't wait to see you! im in like the middle.

Hunter Hayes number one fan's picture

omg! i hope i get to see hunter's tour bus im going to the blown away concert on march 26th! can't wait!!!!!!