Hunter Performs At Country Thunder

(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Country Thunder)

Hunter performing at Country Thunder - Day 4 on July 22, 2012 in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin.

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poptarts's picture

That is so cool!!! I wish i could have been there.:)

Shelbs17's picture

That is such a cool picture! You always look like you are havin a blast up on that stage...I can tell you live what you do and we all support you in that. Love you Hunter!<3

Lindsey58's picture

wow! thats a high jump!! your awesome Hunter!!
and your so sexy!!

Shelbs17's picture

*love what you do

poptarts's picture



WOW!!! That looks AMAZING and SUPER fun!!!

k_wadena13's picture

Thats awesome. i love how you always look like you're having a great time onstage :)

bethany's picture

every time I hear 1 of your songs you seam so in to it and those are the songs I like to hear and that jump is so high.

iluvHHandGod's picture

Hunter i swear to you that scares me seeing you up that high!!!!!!!!!!!! Just promise that you'll be careful.

iluvHHandGod's picture

It scares me half to death to see Hunter that high!