Got it:) it's official! 10/11/11 is here and it's out!!!!!

Got it:) it's official! 10/11/11 is here and it's out!!!!!

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feeltherainfalldown's picture

I just bought the rest of the album yesterday! I'm literally so excited for this concert, November can't come soon enough. I love the song rainy season, and Everybody's got somebody but me. ((:

Catie's picture

ahh! i'm soo happy for you! only problem: i can't find your CD ANYWHERE! it's all sold out!! haha But, one of my best friends was lucky enough to find one, and i've been moochin' off of her copy. And it is INCREDIBLE. Seriously, Hunter, there is not ONE song on that album that I don't like. I heard "Storm Warning" a loong time ago, and it's just soo crazy to see it now, like....#7 on iTunes!! Congratulations:) Best wishes and God bless:)

Berry2nd's picture

They are all gone!!!! None left!

hayniac's picture

Best CD ever! It's amazing, just like you Hunter<3

hunterhayesluvr's picture

OMG!!!!!!! my mom got me the cd formy good report card! I luuuuuuuuuuuuuv it!!!! I like all the songs but I think cry with you and all you ever are my favs. I love you Hunter! Keep it up!!! <3

lovehunterhayes555's picture

I remember when I bought ur album...I was @ Target with my family and I saw it sitting there and I'm like "hmm...I already downloaded this on iTunes...but oh what the heck" *takes off shelf* "Ok mom I'm ready to rock! Can we go now so I can listen to this!?!"

BEST. CD. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



lovehunterhayes555's picture

Yes All You Ever is the best song on earth!!! <3

Makes me cry!

Travis's picture

Just got the new album myself. It's AWESOME! Every song has an amazing tonal quality. There are some buttery guitar licks and riffs that just flat out ROCK! I 'm sure Storm Warning will go # 1 and I have a very good track record of picking out top songs well before they hit. Thanks for the clinic on how to record a debut album!

God has given you an AMAZING gift.... Thanks for sharing it!

hunter is the best's picture

nice getting it for christmas, YAY!!!!!!!

Britt_Hayes's picture

i love this album it is amazing :) i love the song faith to fall back on and Everybody's got somebody but me and storm warning!!!!!!!!!! i loveeee every song on your albulm!!! i dont know how you put it together but it is sooo amazing!! now i am offically a hunter hayes fan for life lol
I Love you hunter!!!!!!!!!!! your adorable :)

beau123hunterhayes's picture

I got the album for Christmas ! I absolutely LOVE this album , It was one of my favorite presents I got ! I am trying to get tickets to your concert in providence!!!! I really want to see you live!

TheStorm's picture

got it at 11 on iTunes on 10/10/11! maybe it was because of the time zone change, maybe it was a gift from God...

Angie_Augustine's picture

Hunter Hayes is amazing his songs relate to me I LOVE YOU! <3 :)

MoriahBarnes2013's picture

i got that cd the day it came out