Better than a thermal right?

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dazedbyhayes1112's picture

Hmmmm.... yeah :) bt i still love that thermal and hav been missing it since u told me u havent worn it so far in the whole year of 2012

hunterhayesluvr's picture

That really flatters your figure (not that u need any help with that)!

a_houston12's picture

just when I thought you couldn't look any hotter! :)

mrs.hunter_hayes13's picture

so adorable<3

Tara23's picture

Haha that's the cutest picture I think I've ever seen :D

abbyhayes21's picture

Oh my gosh i love it!!!

kharden's picture

Love this pic! Doesn't matter what he wears he still is a hotty!

Ms.Shelbyhayes's picture

Awww. He Looks Adorable!!!

ilovehunterhayes97's picture

OMG! Hunter why do you have to be so cute?!?!?! you have change my life so much! before I herd you're song wanted.. i was really derpressed.. and i didnt feel like i needed to live anymore.. but thank you so much for changing my life! it means alot to me!!!

MoriahJasmine's picture

awww, i love this picture!!!

Ms. Hunter Hayes's picture

I totally agree!!

iDelilah's picture

He looks soooooo cute in this picture! (And every other picture...)

wendywan's picture

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MoriahBarnes2013's picture

aww you look so cute