Where's Devo?

150k likes on Facebook AND an ACM New Artist Nomination?? Let the celebrating continue with a new webisode! Devo? Devo?

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davedgog's picture

This is one of the tracks i would have deserted in the script process. a good design we have manage a nice assortment good morning tweets of that can you like and brains better.

HunterHayesGirl1's picture

Best One Yet! Make These More Often, Hunter! (:

small_town_girl5303's picture

i love the part where you go 'riding' on that cart-ish thing! lol funny : )

marykathryndick's picture

This i think is a favorite webisode of mine!!! Hunter you make great vids... Have fun pursuing your dream

chuckinpdx1's picture

Way to funny, Who says work cant be fun?

Zack.V's picture

Wow, this was great! I am sure that Devo is going to love to see what you all were up to while he was on his honeymoon. I think that the loading of the guitars is the funniest part, didn't look very safe.

dazedbyhayes1112's picture

WEEEEE!!!!!! hahaha can't stop laughing (as usual).... u make the best vids Hunter... idk anynother star who takes the time to keep their fans updated (and giv them a good laugh)... can't wait till the nxt one!!! :)

Kaitlinelaine95's picture

Totally agree!!! :)