Tweet Your Seat to Meet Hunter Hayes!

Hunter is on the road with Rascal Flatts on the Thaw Out Tour 2012. You want to meet Hunter at the show?

Well guess what? Tweet Your Seat is back!

All you have to do is tweet Hunter on the day of your show, tell him where you're sitting, and let him know that #HunterIsWanted at your seat!

All entries must be submitted via Twitter on the night of the show you are attending with the hashtag #HunterIsWanted, along your seat location.
For example, if you are in Section 111, Row F, Seat 7, your tweet would look like this: #HunterIsWanted in Sec 111 Row F Seat 7.

Remember - Send your tweet on the night of the show you are attending. If you don't know what section/row you are in, check your ticket or ask local venue staff for help.

Each night of the tour, Hunter will send a reminder on his Twitter page, and one lucky winner and a friend will get to meet Hunter! Good luck!!!

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tmeehan13's picture

I've been voting for you every day and won't stop till jan 30th! good luck hunter :) can't wait to see you in AC ill be tweeting my seat for a chance to meet you!!!!!!!!!!