My album cover is finally here!

Wanted to share it with you guys first. This is the cover art for the new album!
It's official now, it's happening...Oct 11!! Wow!

Hunter Hayes

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hhbabe4ever's picture

So excited for your album I am ready to hear all of your songs, and that is a really nice album cover

asult's picture

Just seen you at the B100 Birthday Party! You were awesome, im trying to post pics...

maggie_98's picture

Im dying for your album!!!!!!!

TweetyByrd95's picture

I can't wait!! I love Hunter and his music so much! The CD is going to released on my birthday!

Laura's picture

Congrats Hunter! Can't wait to hear the album!

Miss Hayes45's picture

thats hot:)

Haileyc9's picture

Congrats Hunter!