Get your countdown ready! Hunter Hayes is set to release his self-titled Atlantic Records debut album on October 11th. Hunter wrote/co-wrote every song, co-produced with veteran producer Dan Huff and played every instrument on the album.

The 12-track album will include the Top 30 hit single "Storm Warning" as well as fan-favorites "Wanted," "Somebody's Heartbreak," and "Love Makes Me."

Hunter Hayes Track Listing:
1. Storm Warning
2. Wanted
3. If You Told Me To
4. Love Makes Me
5. Faith To Fall Back On
6. Somebody’s Heartbreak
7. Rainy Season
8. Cry
9. Somebody But Me
10. What You Gonna Do
11. More Than I Should
12. All You Ever

Read the whole story here.

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eldonleelim's picture

This is awesome!

Melissa Hayes 13's picture

They're selling it at Wal*mart and on

gr1214's picture

What stores sell the album? I want a hard copy of it. You should sell signed copies from your website. That would be awesome! :)

christinatt's picture

i cant wait!!! its on my calender and in my phones calender

anna_catherine's picture

looks so great! I am so excited for you! you are an amazing guy!

ilovehunter's picture

I can't wait for it to come out! The minute I saw the date I ran to put it on my calendar! I was so excited I put it on sept. not october! Lol so I had to white it out and fix it! Im really excited!! <3 Most Wanted tour here I come.....? Hopefully!! :)

Carli Mock's picture

<3 <3

CaliGirl's picture

Can't wait for this album. Storm Warning has been on replay for the past 2 weeks! Please come to Cali!!!! :)

Haileyc9's picture

Exciting! :) Can't wait! Im sad cause I don't get to go see you October 8th! :( It was going to be my bday present too!!

skosko1167's picture

Looking forward to it! Will you be coming to the west coast on your Fall tour?

gr1214's picture

literally just maked my calendar for that day. SO EXCITED!

scottclause's picture

Great News ! looking forward to more music from #hunterhayes

scottclause's picture

Great News! Looking forward to more songs from @hunterhayes

HHOffizielle Vertretung Europa's picture

CONGRATULATIONS!!! The world is more than ready for it!

SamLovesHunter's picture

YES! i cant wait i will be counting down the days!

BroadwayBoundCountryFan1's picture

I love it!!!!! This is what I want for my birthday. Hands down.

smithy15's picture

soo excited!!!!