Where's Devo?

Devo is missing this week and let's just say things are a little different on the road. Wait, was this video supposed to go here :)

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wildflame's picture

as hunter enters the screen on a... well ... (? dolly?) screaming WWWAAAHHHOOO
thats hunter hayes, crazy.

Junebug's picture

Wow love it Hunter!!!!! The I think u guys are talking about me!!!! I'm still laughing as I'm typing this!!!! :)

iluvHHandGod's picture

OMG "That's not our case." Hunter you better be joking because it had your logo on it on the opposite side you were looking at! You are silly! Don't feel bad I am too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hayeslover1231's picture

"I thought we went wireless.. what is all this"
"i feel like you guys are talking about me"
being pushed on the wheely thing "woooo! woooo"
"waht do you mean i have to pack it all myself"

laughed and smiles at this for 20 min or more and watched it over and over again.. you are just AMAZING ♥ (btw you have thee cutest smile and laugh ♥)

Tara23's picture

Haha aww you have such a cute laugh and smile at 2:28 :D

barbie8's picture

its funny how one person being there or not being there can change the oginazed or not orginized things can be.and i am surprized that he didnt leave any directions for you to falow so that you dont forget lose or brake anything.and yes i mean you hunter :-)

Jester's picture

HAHA I laughed so hard when I watch this. You all are so lost without Devo. It's so funny. Congrats Devo on the wedding. " I feel like you guys are talking about me'" Hunter never change you are the best. Happy Valentines Day <3.