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Hey guys, I was wondering if

Rachyloszapatos's picture

Hey guys,
I was wondering if someone could do me a favour (British spelling I swear) if they meet Hunter in one of his upcoming concerts.....could you ask him if he is planning on coming to the UK anytime soon?! I'd really appreciate it. Us British folk are seriously lacking in country music x


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I just wanted to let you know that no only do we admire your music and your talent as a performer now, but we KNOW you have a wonderful career ahead of you. We chose your song Wanted for our wedding song and also played your "I Want Crazy"!! Our minister was Dennis Raider ( Danny's dad- from Keith's band)..Thank you for making our day special with your gift of music!! I'm hoping to catch a concert soon!! Keep up the amazing work!!

Much love & Blessings
Suzyn & Steven Currin
married 9/11/13

25 more dayes til my birthday

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Hey Hunter fans, I thought that you should all know that I have 25 more days til my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Will there be a meet & greet in Birmingham on Friday Nov. 1? I would love to maybe pay for it at the concert if there is one

November 10th

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hhcrazygirl's picture

Can we take cameras into Hunter's concerts?

I got to see Hunter on in

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I got to see Hunter on in Knoxville on Oct. 10th, and he was absolutely amazing!! I definitely plan on going to more of his concerts and was wondering how I could be able to go to a meet and greet. :) It would be INCREDIBLE to get to meet him! He is so inspiring, and his music has gotten me through so much. If anyone knows, can you pass the infor along to me? thanks!!

2014 Tour????

mccarney24's picture

Hi! Does anyone know if Hunter is going on a 2014 tour? If so when will tickets go on sale????

Live pass

hhcrazygirl's picture

Does anyone know if you can buy the live pass at the merchindise stand?

Does anybody know when we

Nitac22's picture

Does anybody know when we receive the Vip lanyard?

Let's Be Crazy TOUR

cindydchilds's picture

Hello! Will Hunter be adding more tour dates? I live in Maryland and there aren't any shows near me but I'd LOVE to go!

Twitter Help

kayleighhayes's picture

How do add my twitter so you can see my tweets on my profile

Meet and Greet

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Hey! I was just wondering how I can get meet and greet passes I've been looking everywhere. If anyone could help me out I would greatly appreciate it! I'm going to the concert in Bloomsburg, PA... Thanks! :) <3

Big E Meet & Greet?

Abhayes's picture

I am desperately trying to find out if there will be a meet & greet at the Big E concert on Friday. I have purchased tickets for my daughters and want to do everything I can to try to have them meet Hunter! They are HUGE fans and this would be a wonderful experience!

Meet and Greet

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Hey, I was just wondering how to go about setting up a meet and greet for my daughter. She is a huge Hunter Hayes fan, and her birthday is coming up. This would be the BEST b-day present ever if she could meet her role model.
A little info on her: She too sings country music and performs in local talent shows around our hometown. She is totally "in love" with Hunter Hayes and had the opportunity to write about her favorite person. And guess who she chose....That's right Hunter Hayes!
Thank you for all your assistance in advance, and I look forward to hearing for you.

Happy Birthday Hunter

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Happy Birthday Hunter, I hope you had a CRAZY filled birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Your Biggest Fan,
Madie L.

P.S. I'm so looking forward to meeting you two weeks before my birthday, so see you soon!!!!!!!

Concert Meet and GreetI

Karribugg's picture

I am going to a Hunter Hayes concert next week and I want to know how to go about getting a meet and greet...can anyone help?

Bayfest 2013

lgipson816's picture

Hi! I know that you hear this 100 times a day.. but my daughter and I are HUGE HH fans.. We are going to make sure to be in the front row at Bayfest 10/04/2013 to see him. I was just wondering what steps I would need to take to possibly get a meet and greet? I wasn't sure how people go about doing that and I would absolutely love to make my daughters dream come true by getting to meet Hunter Hayes!! Thank you so much for your help!

concerts and CHE

hhcrazygirl's picture

Who's all going to Hunter Hayes concerts and CHE. I'm going to the concert on Dec. 5th

coffee house ticket

hhcrazygirl's picture

Does anyone know if they will release more coffee house tickets?

coffee house ticket

hhcrazygirl's picture

How much are the coffee house experience tickets for his concerts?

Birthday Suprise

Jenna Wrenn's picture

Guess what I got for my birthday?! The new "Encore" Hunter Hayes CD! I also can't wait to meet you in November in Greensboro! So Excited (:

Dear Hunter

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Hunter, I don't know if you ever see these but I just wanted to say that you are an absolute inspiration! Your dedication to music and perseverance in building your career are something to be admired, yet through all the success you have remained so humble and kind. Thank you for sharing your music and talent with the world! Hopefully at some point in the future you will add some Canadian concert dates so that we can enjoy the live concert experience as well. Until then, we'll just have to be content with your music and "For the Love of Music" videos (which are always so entertaining). Let's be CRAZY! Love from Canada! :)
By the way, I know this is very random, but I have thought of a great idea for a lyrics and music video for "Better than This"... So if you were to ever release it as a single and were searching for suggestions, I'd be more than willing to provide one :-P

Meet and Greet

Karribugg's picture

Can anyone direct me on how to request a meet and greet? I have been all over this web page with a fine tooth comb and all I see are previous pictures of meet and greets...I am going to a Sept. concert and would love to have the chance to meet Hunter! Thanks

Hunter, you're amazing!

HunterRocksMyWorld's picture

Hey Hunter,
My name's Rachel. I'm a pretty shy girl, but I am very passionate about dance. There is something very powerful behind being able to share your story just by movement. I have recently taken up song writing as well because it's another great way to say what's on your heart when you can't really find the right words to say. Listening to the lyrics in your songs inspires me to use the gifts that God has given me. I don't want to look back on these days with regret, I want to chase the crazy dreams inside my heart. I love you so much, Hunter. May God bless you throughout your career. I will always be a Hayniac!

Backstage Passes/ Meet and Greets??

msm's picture

Hi, I'm going to the concert in Muncie, Indiana! I've been searching everywhere for meet and greet tickets/ backstage passes but I can't seem to find them! Could someone please help me out? (:

Porter County Fair

madieliving24's picture

I just saw Hunter in Valparaiso yesterday and I just about died he was so amazing. I can no wait till I get to see him again and I hope it's soon. Also he is so much sexier in person even though I didn't get to meet him.

Hunter cant wait to see you

Cand_Fransico's picture

Hunter cant wait to see you in Tennessee. You have an amazing voice and the dedication you have to music is amazing i know what you mean by how you say music is your life becuase drawing is my life and i think that without those important things in the world life would be pretty boring. did i mention that i love you!! <3

Come to Pittsburgh!

Whentheseabreaks's picture

I love your music! You are so talented and I can't wait to see you in concert, Me and my bestfriend are huge,huge fans!We are trying to come see you in Cleaveland,Ohio but everywhere I look your sold out. You need to come to Pittsburgh,please! You'll literally make our lives :) When are you coming to Pittsburgh for a concert :)

Kingsport show meet and greet!!!

graceccathey3's picture

hey,I'm going to the Kingsport,TN show on July 19th,and I was wondering if there was going to be a meet and greet either before or after the show. If so,where is it at,what time,and what is the cost of the meet and greet??? Thanks and never let music go far from your heart!!!

-with love-
Grace C. Cathey-<3-


Cynthia1's picture

I just really wish for Hunter Hayes to come on a tour to South Africa, Johannesburg!
I'm a big fan and have never been to a life concert before, but I pray that @HunterHayes will be my first concert!
He is by far the best singer and believe that he will go very far in life, God has one BIG plan for this young and talented singer!!

All the best to @HunterHayes and to the owners of this page!

Thanks for giving his fans a world of our own and just @HunterHayes!

God blessxX


littlesari's picture

Hey, so I guess that I'm the newbie here. I'm not gonna say that I've been a huge fan forever but i can say that I'm a fan now. Heard one of your songs on the radio and i dont know, you just have a really neat voice, makes people wanna keep on listening. Anyways, just here to say i like your music and i might be seeing a concert in August so that'll be cool. Keep up with the awesome music :)

How do you buy the VIP

ethib's picture

How do you buy the VIP tickets with meet and greet? I can see the link to see what all is included but can not find where to buy them. HELP!

radio interview

emily mcadam's picture

yesterday i was coming home to river ridge louisiana from kayaking in mississippi all day and im listening to the country station of course and all of a sudden i hear our friend hunter hayes will be on the radio. and i have never met him nor been to a concert so this was one of THE best moments of my life. we had to pull into a sonic so i could calm down. and my bday is coming up so that was like an early birthday present. it was amazing!!!!! <3

Hunter i know you'll probably

princess_1227's picture

Hunter i know you'll probably never see this but i just wanted to say your music inspired me! You probably get that a lot. I was going through a rough time. I was being made fun of because my father died when i was 7, even though that was 6 years ago.I would just crank up my hunter hayes music and let the words blow away! Words can't describe how much your music helped me realize that we're all wanted! I am crying while typing this just thinking about how grateful i am!! Thank you hunter <3 <3 Keep it classy -Erin

meet and greets

jamiejean2013's picture

How do I get meet and greets? Does anyone know?

New Fan

ChrisYoungFan's picture

Hi! I saw HH during CMA Fest...love him!

meet and greet

mirandac92's picture

does anyone know how you get meet and greets for hunter hayes?

meet and greets

jamiejean2013's picture

I'm also trying to figure out how to get meet and greets!! I don't see a place to buy them any where!

Meet & Greet

morganmartin27's picture

Can someone tell me how to get/buy meet and greet tickets?? I really want to get them for my sis as a present!

Coffee House Experience

Liltiger1's picture

What is the cost of the VIP coffee house experience package?

VIP Packages

towner716's picture

I was just wondering if anyone could explain to me the differences between the VIP Encore Ticket/Album Package and the VIP Coffee House for the upcoming CMT tour? Thanks so much!

Love HH

danny03312000's picture

I absolutely LOVE HH!! i saw him when he opened for Carrie Underwood, and got to meet him afterward. I'm going to be seeing him again in December at MInneapolis!! Can't wait to see him!! He's so talented, and SO inpirational!! I can't believe that he is only 21!! I love him so much!! TEAM HUNTER!!


sofie's picture

Hello Hunter!

I am a fan from Belgium and I really love you, I think your amazing. Unfortunately I can't buy your CD here and I can't go to your concerts either but I love everything that you do anyway and I just want to thank you for making music.
I hope one day you can come to Europe and I could meet you!
Thank you!


Fan Mail

GarrettC876's picture

Hey, Hunter im a huge fan and you probably hear that alot. i really would like to get to know you. i feel we're similar in a way. You and i both do what we love all the time. everything i do is in some way going towards my goal of being an Actor. It's not because i want to be rich, or famous. it's because that's what i love to do. Just like you. i feel we could get along well if we knew eachother. Unfortunately you passes that let us hang with you are sold out... But i want to send fan mail if its possible in any way. Yes this message was directed toward Hunter, but if anyone can help me find out how to send fan mail, it would be much appreciated. :)

Dear Hunter Hayes!!

inessa93's picture

I love Hunter Hayes!! He is the beautiest boy in the world :) Please give me Hunter`s Skype name!! Because i am his biggest fan and i want to talk to him, because i never see him in real life :( And Hunter is my favourite singer. he is just super!!

Does Hunter Hayes ever read these comments?

photogirl22's picture

It would be amazing if he did cuz honestly he has inspired me to follow my dreams. Love Makes Me do what I do, and I think HH is in the same boat! :) I love him and his music... Any chance you're coming to Seattle anytime soon Hunter? <3

Also, will you and Carrie ever release your duet of "Leave Love Alone" on iTunes?

meet and greet

nancy's picture

How do I get my neice to be able to me Hunter Hayes? We are going to a july concert. How do u get tickets for meet and greet?

Forever hayniac!

amy8hayes's picture

Hey Hunter!
I discovered your music two years ago. I totally fell in Iove with it (and also with your laugh :) ).
Yesterday i heard "Wanted" for the first time at the French radio. I'm so excited that people will finally learn to know you here. You deserve this so much. And i hope that one day you will come to Belgium.
Thank you for beeing so wonderful <3
xxx from Belgium
(and sorry for my english)

Fan mail?

Corrine's picture

How can I send you fan mail? Btw, you totally deserved to win those ACM awards ;)