"Wanted" (Official Video)

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Nathan69's picture

"Wanted" is awesome! I subscribed on Hunter Hays channel on Youtube. This guy has got a talent, I tell you! I wish all the next things that he'll make will be awesome too. Keep moving on, man! I've got some music, sport and casino gambling statistics here at my casino en ligne web page. It's for free!

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Congratulation on your plaitimum record. Your career has just taken off, and I know you an amazing, humble person. i really admire this trait. Please don't let pride take hold because of fame and fortune but just simply trust in God's plan revealed one step at a time. I very much believe you will see what the world's reaction is...hatred, division, and violence. I choose to those incensed at me that I hold dear with nothing but LOVE!

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I just love this song. I know the lyrics to this song by heart and it is such an inspiring words. I am happy to tell you that I will be attending his concert in New York with my friends. I am so excited to see him in live action.visit here

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Hunter Hayes number one fan's picture

Hunter i was at your concert last night in buffalo you were awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hunter Hayes number one fan's picture

i know all the lyrics to all his songs and wanted is my fav song in the world. im going to his and carrie underwood's concert march 26th this tuesday! can't wait!!!! its my first concert and he is my fav artist ever! i want to meet him soooooooooo bad!!! anyway i hope i get to see his tour bus! has anybody seen it b4??? p.s. hunter i love you soooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hunter Hayes number one fan's picture

wanted is my fav song in the world its soo sweet i watch it on my tv everyday! i know all hunter's songs and all the lyrics i have both of his cds can't wait to see if he gets a new one out soon! im his number one fan no matter what anybody might say!!! keep up the great work hunter see u soon;)

Hunter Hayes number one fan's picture

Hunter i love you and your music sooooooooo much! wanted is my fav song! im going to your concert on march 26th can't wait to see u!!! just wish i could meet you(;

Simsim's picture

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ILHH's picture

You're so cute..lol

heathbeecimanis2735's picture

looooooooove this song i wish i could download the views to my phone

heathbeecimanis2735's picture

i love this song it is the best

Joanna15's picture

Love this song & great lyrics!

wantedangel41194's picture

i LOVE THIS SONG! The guy i am dating actually sang this song the other night to ask me back out again... We have been dating on and off for about a year now and he says this song describes how he feels about me... Thank you so much Hunter! You are so amazing and I hope to see u in concert soon!

wantedangel41194's picture

i LOVE THIS SONG! The guy i am dating actually sang this song the other night to ask me back out again... We have been dating on and off for about a year now and he says this song describes how he feels about me... Thank you so much Hunter! You are so amazing and I hope to see u in concert soon!

Christine2198's picture

My 14 year old daughter, Sarah, first brought your song to my attention and then the next day my husband asked who was singing this song. Yes, I high-fived myself on the inside because I could actually tell him. This is a beautiful song! So not only does Sarah turn the volume up when it's playing on the radio and sing to the top of her lungs, I do as well, and I love every minute of it! You are a very talented young man. I wish you the best of luck!

Courtkneelove's picture

Love the song. It's probably my favorite so far. I mean the words say it all! Hunter you are amazing artist can't wait to catch you in concert!

Cheyenne's picture

CONGRATS ON WANTED GOIN PLATNUIM TODAY!!!!!!!!! Remember 8-19-12 the day ur best song ever went this far!!!!!

Cheyenne's picture

Ok so this is not a joke i promise i literaly have spent my whole summer on youtube just watching viedos on u!! People tell me im crazy but i dont care cuz ive discoverd my favorite music artist of all time!!!!!

Cheyenne's picture

I found out about u one day when i heared wanted on the radio so after doin some youtube research i found out about u and since then i listen to ur music everyday i have ur cd and i play it so much that i no every word to every song!! Your my favorite music artist and always wil be!!!!!

Keke's picture

I love this song! I listen to it everyday! The music video I love also! I feel wanted when i watch and listen to this song everyday! Thank You Hunter for writing such a beautiful song that makes every girl feel wanted! I definately feel wanted!

mczcash's picture

This song needs to be on the movie that is made from the books " Fifty shades of Grey"!

lovehunterhayesalways's picture

i love this song and of course i love hunter cant wait for you to come neer alabama!!!!<3

KansasCityCountyGirl's picture

Beautiful! Saw him for the first time in KC last week and he was amazing live!

Mrs.HHayes's picture

I've never seen a more perfect person. Can't wait to see you in September. Ugh <3

Tara23's picture

Finally a guy understands what a girl REALLY wants to hear <3 This song is so beautiful, maybe the best song I've ever heard. I don't know what it is about you that draws me to you. It might be that you're um oh I don't know the perfect southern gentleman :) I can't even describe how much I love your music, keep up the amazing work and come back to Philly! You're always "Wanted" in Philly <3

Ashton8's picture

I agree with you thats how i want to make my girl feel "wanted"!!

loveyoutonz's picture

i totally agree.

MuSiCiNmE's picture

Makes sense when im with you..This song is what I wish my boyfriend would listen to and then maybe understand what I want to feel like!!!

dazedbyhayes1112's picture

i was watchin some tv and thought that id turn to CMT and c if i was just lucky enought to c "Wanted" on my screen.... who wouldve guessed.... IT ACTUALLY WAS :) my day has been made :)))) it's such a cute vid that can make ANYONE smileee

beau123hunterhayes's picture

I can't wait for more songs to come out! I love your whole album , I listen to it when I drive, I listened to your cd in my first car ever! Your album is great driving music by the way!

beau123hunterhayes's picture

that is such a good song, I really think you should have got
new artist of the year!

ChrissyP15's picture

I think this song is perfect!(: but I have to ask whats on everyone's mind, do you mean every lyric you sing? Are you a true Southern gentleman like you come out to be?<3

Dancin_4x4_QT's picture

I completely agree with all of that!

Dancin_4x4_QT's picture

I love how he sings his lyrics with so much passion and feeling, because of this I can really relate to the song. I love him!!

Callie's picture

The new "Wanted" music video is very special to us fans! I dunno, but it seems that we get to see and know more about Hunter and the artist in him! I love how the lyrics seem to be the driving force. And he is so passionate about what he is signing! Love it from beginning to end. 'nuff said.

dazedbyhayes1112's picture

AMAZING (tht pretty much sums it up)