Storm Warning (official video)

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HayesGurl3's picture

Heheheheheh Heaven!

kansasprincess's picture

wow. wish i looked that good when i play guitar!!!!

Hunterlover9-9-91's picture

Awesome Video Hunter

preeti's picture

i love this song<3<3<3
its always in my head

Lilhoppz007's picture

Cant even say how much I love this video! I've loved his music since I first heard it! You can see and feel the passion he has for it and it's still amazing to see so much talent in one person!

TheHorseJunkie's picture

I think that he looks the cutest playing the mandolin. ;) haha!

iluvHHandGod's picture

DANG you play a lot of instruments.

iluvHHandGod's picture

Love this song cant stop listening to it

Sweetbre23's picture

Hi  your music has made me like country music. Your music is so amazing. The song I love the most is love makes me.

selena's picture

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Irrespective of religion every one in this are watched by some thing very closely as i feel as an atheist.As i had observed in every mode of my life.So i liked the things that you are talking about




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I like!

dazedbyhayes1112's picture

this song came on the radio today and even tho i hav it and listen to it 24/7 i freaked!!! its always different when it comes on the radio & of course when ever im nt listening to ur cd (which is rare) and turning on the radio.... it NEVER comes on... bt today was my lucky day!!! I blared it throughout the car so i could get some heads turned (since it was too cold to role down the window and we were stopped to fill up on gas)... and after the song they announced tht hunter was officially nominated for best new artist of the year.... i was very proud :)

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ChelseaRae's picture

This was awesome! I loved it so much. You are blessed with an awesome voice that can't even be described in this small comment box! I don't know what your religion is but I am a Christian and I pray for all the time! I hope that is okay with you. I know God has a HUGE plan for your life and I hope you live it to the fullest!! Keep working hard Hunter you got his!

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If you love this song, please vote for it on!!

HunterLover's picture

I LOVE this song. I've got it stuck in my head!!!!!

alexrider's picture

this song is the best

melvinwi24's picture

I love your video storm warning. How did you manage to play all those instruments? Conroe Texas loves you and misses you

westernroyal's picture

I've googled and searched for hours to find some scrap of this video available in Germany, after hearing the song on AFN country countdown ... Hunter, I LOVE your voice and you're the first "next generation" singer (I'm 30) who's album I'll buy. You're gonna be HUGE and I pray that you'll be able to stay YOU and still love what you're doing when you're doing it with millions of people watching. Love from Germany, Nike's picture

love this song!

shelbag's picture

Awsome song & video!!

So proud of you! Wishing you the best from Breaux Bridge!

roagie's picture

I'm 63 years old ,, an this young man has restored my faith in the his generation,,, an amazing talent. An equaly amazing spirit . God Bless you .

maggie_98's picture

Awesome!!!!! He's hot..... lol

xoKelseyAnn's picture

He's amazing. Gaah, saw him live last night.(:

Dance56's picture

This is amazing:) My favorite song!!!! I can NOT wait to see you play!!(:

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This song is awesome!