"Storm Warning" (Live in the Air)

So this week, I found out that Storm Warning has been downloaded on iTunes over 100,000 times. So, to celebrate, we played it live. On a plane.

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Stovey's picture

AWESOME! Just want to say the all this time I thought Storm Warning and Wanted were by Rascal Flats......Dang, I tuned in to your website and just want to say "Hunter Hayes you are AMAZING!!!"....Can't wait to see you in concert soon! :-)

tiffany_beekman's picture

"YOU CANT BE IN THE OVERHEAD" " That never happened"...... i love you hunter<3

hayeslover1231's picture

you never cease to put a smile on my face and make me laugh!!
"YOU CANT BE IN THE OVERHEAD" "ohh sorry" "That never happened" oh i love you ♥

KatieB.'s picture

"YOU CAN'T BE IN THE OVERHEAD!" "Oh, sorry!" Hunter deff makes me laugh!

barbie8's picture

haha soo funny hunter <3

Basketball girl's picture

That was awesome hunter :)

Tara23's picture

Hahahaha "You can't be in the overhead" "Oh, sorry" nice going Hunter...way to get busted! You're awesome Hunter love you <3

dazedbyhayes1112's picture

haha another hysterical video!!!! i couldnt stop laughing when SOMEONE (hint hint) got busted... and im still curious how u got matt in there (well all but his head)....hahaha awesome vid!!! can't wait till ur nxt one

bigfan101's picture

I wish I was on that plane! That certainly would have made my life! <3

rockstar321's picture

how did you get Matt in there?!

Emma.Albrecht's picture

This is so cute(:

aubreyrose97's picture

"YOU CAN'T BE IN THE OVERHEAD!" "Oh, sorry!" Ha, I laughed for 10 minutes at least! Hunter you are amazing! I can't believe you got Matt to get in there! Hahaha, the fun you guys must have on tour!

hunterhayesluvr's picture

Hahahaha. "You can't be in the overhead!" BUSTED!!! bad boy hunter! Hahahaha luv u!!<3

Caysaa's picture

"You can't be in the overhead! Oh sorry."
I was laughing so hard <3 I can't wait to see you November 3rd!!