The Storm Warning Express

Take a tour of the bus with Hunter!

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Ashton8's picture

Cool bus did you get to drive that new bus of yours

TheStorm's picture

*closes cabinet* "I don't... I don't understand..." haha :)

dazedbyhayes1112's picture

watched this vid idk how many times!!!! so FUNNNY (as usual)!!! Matt, Matt, Matt, u r HYSTERICAL!!!! gosh.... i cant get enough

icesk8er14's picture

i love this video! thanks for sharing with the fans:)

Emma.Albrecht's picture

Matt utterback <3

rockstar321's picture

how did he fit in the cabinet?!

HuntersBFF's picture

shhh i need complete silence lol thats so funny. Hunter is so cute and funny and nice and sweat i love him so much.