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Lilhoppz007's picture

I think they coulda fit way more people haha

haneyreagan's picture

Hunter u r so

Amy Winehouse's picture

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Junebug's picture

That was hilarious Hunter!!!!! I'm glad u approve the message and just saying u r super cute!!!!!! I haven't seen u in concert yet but u need to come to Alabama seriously!!!!

Ashton8's picture

Thats funny you should make a game "how many people can we stuff in one bed

barbie8's picture

haha so funny.but what id realy like is to see you in consert.so if you could come to VT that would be amazing just like you :)

dazedbyhayes1112's picture

Bahaha MATTT!!!! haha i cant stop laughing... hahaha as Hunter says "very descriptive..." haha and Hunter im glad u approve this message...

dazedbyhayes1112's picture

to be 100% honest, when u walked out on stage i wasn't too thrilled it was just another EXTREMELY gorgeous guy playing as another opening act.... HOWEVER tht all changed within the first strum of the guitar!!!! I am now your BIGGEST fan and am making every show I can... hav seen u 4 times so far and will c u again this summer.... add some more shows around IN :))))

Emma.Albrecht's picture

When i saw you open for taylor swift in chicago (august 9) i like fell in love! When you went to the floor section to meet people i cried! BUt then i got to meet you yesterday and all my dreams came true! <3

rockstar321's picture

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! come back to Florida! could you go to Gainesville?

aubreyrose97's picture

Grand Rapids! Saw you when you playes your first arena concert AND we saw you on your Most Wanted tour. I was so amazed to see that you took the time to meet all those fans on your tour. You are so great!!! Yep, Taylor definitely has great fans, and you deserve the same! CONGRATS on the album it is FANTASTIC!!! We were the girls with the bug fungers with the HH logo. Haha, I don't think you even read these though. Anyway, me and my best friend LOVE YOU! You'll go far. Thanks!

Your adoring fan, AUBREY!

Meghandouglass's picture

i was at the cleveland ohio show loved it specailly you i cant wait for your cd just bought all your new songs on itunes i love your song wanted

Hanie's picture

I saw you in Chicago! You have such a gift and I see you love what you do! I love your music, your amazing

musichiq97's picture

I saw you in Philly! You're amazing and incredibly talented. Another reason to love country music! (: