Rascal Flatts Tour Wrap + Walkie Talkie Fun

Thanks for including us on the 2012 Thaw Out Tour, we had a blast!

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wildflame's picture

"devo... devo... *deep voice*........... DEVO"

asmith's picture

This was an awesome tour :) Thank You!

peytdale's picture

I truely cant wait to see you in concert! I LOVE YOU!!! And please follow me on twitter @peytdalecollins. <3

unquiet's picture

I was at the Hersey concert, and you were amazing! :)

Callie's picture

Love it! This makes today a very Happy St. Patrick's Day, indeed! Glad to see some of the RF tour and ALWAYS excited to see the band! Thanks!

dazedbyhayes1112's picture

WOAH!!!! hold up!!!! could it b truee??? NO BLACK THERMAL IN THT WHOLE VID?!?!?!?! wht's up with tht???? are u feeling okay hunter???

dazedbyhayes1112's picture

No matter what any of you guys do I ALWAYS laugh.... and its not a little laugh in my head its literally a LOL (even if i AM alone)... and hey hunter... u did c "real" snowww.... but if u want REAL snow... visit my family in upstate NY.... they get snow... bt nt really thiss yr... bt lets just make it clear u looked good in tht scarf (which i guess isn't surprising)