Radio Tour (Week 3 Mother's Day Surprise)

Continue following me across the country on my radio tour.
Watch for a surprise ending this week!

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There can be plenty of self-styled sweet 16 party ideas that will help realizing your child that growing old brings lots of expectations and responsibilities as well, but they must not be taken as a burden. It’s the time when you can provide suitable guidance and a strong support to become a winner in their field of interest.

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so sweet

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This was so nice of you to surprise your mom. I can see why this is on the highest rated video. :)

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This is so adorable. He is the sweetest! :)

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you are so sweet and amazing to do that for your mom.. shows your great inside and out ♥

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An amazing thing to do for your Mom and it shows the character of a good and decent young man. You are a decent young man and I for one wish you the best for a very long and prosperous career.

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Man thats so cool you surprised your mom she freaked out!!!!!!!

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Okay so seeing this made me love this kid even more! My daughter is the single most important thing in my life whether it be a struggle or not I would do all I could to see her follow her dreams and ambitions. Sometimes you wonder as a mom if our child realizes all we go through for them and how proud we are of them but still yet hope not to be forgotten as their dreams come true and they begin to grow and separate from our children to their own. Wow! This was super sweet and I can see truly how sweet you are you can see it in your eyes and you can feel your love for music in your heart! Super awesome thing you did!

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hunter you are soooo sweet. it is nice to know that you realy do go and do that sort of thing for ypur mom. <3

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hunter.... i hav one word to say.... AWWWWWW!!!!
u r soooo sweet/caring.... this brought tears to my eyes ;)

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Hunter this is so sweet (: i love that you would do this for your mom! You truly are amazing :)

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It's fortunate that you have been given the opportunity to do something you love, most people try to figure out what exactly it is they love to do for the better part of their life. I love music, especially country music as there is always a story to be told and you have a wonderful way of putting words together that tugs at our hearts and remind us of something or a time that meant something, then was forgotten. We all have a story and as for myself, I love people's reaction when I get to share my story with them. I have been married for nearly 21 years to the man I met when I was just 14 years old (his 16th birthday, to be exact) at my house, of all places. My dad and father-in-law worked together in construction. My dad also worked on CB radios on the side so I never had to leave home to meet guys! Anyway, we dated for a while, broke up for 10 years, then he stopped by to see my dad, who was not home, but I was and we have been together pretty much ever since. Egos can play a terrible role in a marriage, any relationship for that matter and thank God time does mellow us! I have learned that apologizing isn't about who is right or wrong, but how much more the relationship is valued than your own ego! My oldest son, Devin is your age and it blew me away to find that you write, play, produce your own material! Thank you for touching us with your music, you are an inspiration, truly!!!!

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awwww how sweet!!!!

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<333 thats so adorable

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Thats awesome:) so sweet!!

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that was so sweet :)

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I think it's very sweet if you to take time to go see your mom!:) Most people wouldn't do this!

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Aww you're so sweet