Radio Tour (Week 2)

Hang out as we trek across the country on our first radio tour!

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Lilhoppz007's picture

That view was amazing!! I would love to travel and see the world like that!

dazedbyhayes1112's picture

amazing view!!! keep doin wht ur doin... ur UNBELIEVABLE

arabianhuntress's picture

i know, its the same here. texas, really, ur hardly ever here. btw, isnt this ur home state?

Melissa Hayes 13's picture

Really dude? You couldn't have gone to Omaha, like a month or two later? AFTER I discovered you???? #sadnebraskanhayniac :(

shelby's picture

Amazing : )
you went to Omaha, my home town in nebraska. im in cali now and will be at your show aug. 18th !! so excited

Biggestfan's picture

Yes! finally some one famous that is actually talented!!!

Mike B's picture

To Cool Buddy. Looks like you really are doing great. Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!!!!!! Mike B