Radio Tour (Week 1)

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wildflame's picture

omg that was so funny!! his personality kills me!!

elizabeth-cyril's picture

Only because of its intense , single minded dedication to his music, The country music association selected him as the best new artist of 2012.He wrote all of the songs on Hunter Hayes, he co- produced it and he sang it and he played the instruments too. CannaBioGen Seed

jannereeves's picture

Even i tune up to 92.3 WIL daily, any idea about his next tour??
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SilverWolf's picture

I think it is really great that you do quick videos about your tours and other things. Was curious to know which video creating program you use though. :)

countrymusiclover's picture

No :( I live in New Orleans. Or well, very close by, and I totally missed this. Oh well, today is my sweet 16, and i got row 2 seats to go see his back down south show on Sept 7!! I am so phsyced!

Ashton8's picture

Cool man i saw him drive a gmc suv in the other video but i did not know he would acualy drive the tour bus.

TheStorm's picture

I listen to 93.7 The Bull and 92.3 WIL every day!!! :)

dazedbyhayes1112's picture

sooo do u use anything on ur busss? :p

Melissa Hayes 13's picture

wait....whose sunglasses were they? O.o (yes, these are the things that keep me awake at night....)

lovehunterhayes555's picture


I know you edit your own videos, so I was wondering what application did you use to edit them? I have the same computer (Macs ROCK!!! Steve Jobs was a GENIUS!!!) and I just wanted to know because I love what you were able to do with your videos!!! I myself love editing videos I make with my friends, home movies, etc. Right now I'm making a music video with clips from your concert on 11.12.11 (BEST DAY EVEEEERRR!!!!) <3



wittem17's picture

this is the kitchen....that's where we DON'T cook...oh Hunter (:

brenda's picture

I like this video of your week 1 radio tour .very awesome

Joe Stormont's picture

Great Job in Bakersfield! Come back real soon!