My Hunter Hayes Experience!

So on June 2, 2012 my best friend and I finally got to see our favorite artist live! We travelled an hour and a half to Reinholds, PA to see Hunter headline the Firemen's Carnival and it was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. We got there right at 2 when the doors open and were kinda clueless to what was going on since there were only 10 people at most already there. Finally we decided to walk around and we just happen to walk in during Hunter's soundcheck. Yes, HUNTER'S SOUNDCHECK! I didn't realize how hard it would be to keep my fangirling to a minimum since it was basically him, his band, me and 9 other people in this field where the show would take place. He didn't sing any full songs and rehearsed the first verse and bridge to "Hey, Soul Sister" a good 20 times. He also played a little bit of "Paradise" by Coldplay and I really thought I was going to pass out cause I couldn't contain myself. Soundcheck went on for about an hour and once it was over we began to talk to the girls next to us who were super friendly. The only thing was we now had 5 hours to kill before he was scheduled to perform. It went by really fast though and the emcee was really funny with Hunter references. For example he said the area right in front of the stage was the "don't stand here and stare at Hunter Hayes space" and no one better try to take the merch poster because it has armed guards and a gps. Of course as soon as he announced Hunter would be up in a couple minutes, every girl ranging from 8-30 years old was in the "don't stand here and stare at him space". His set was flawless and some highlights were when he grabbed my hand and made eye contact with me during his cover of "Keep Your Head Up" (AHHHHH!!!!), starting out in the third row but some how managed to make my way to the front, when he sang "Where We Left Off" which left me speechless and with chills, and possibly my biggest fan girl moment of the night was when he did his encore of "Light Me Up" (one of my absolute favorites!) and a cover of Bruno Mars "Just the Way You Are". Right after he finished his set I grabbed my friend and ran to his tour bus. Literally 3 minutes later he came from back stage to go onto the bus and shouted that he promised he would be out soon to see us! It took about a half hour for him to come off the bus and I was one of the first people he came too!! He signed my cd and a random paper I had in my bag (for a friend) and I got to give him a card that I made for him. I tried getting a picture but security seemed really insistent that he only had a short amount of time to be with the fans and they wanted to get to as many people as they could. But as soon as I saw him take a picture with someone I made sure I was not leaving without my picture lol. I waited around like 10 more minutes and security once again seemed like they wanted to rush him but he said to all of us that he wanted to make sure he got to meet everyone as a thank you for coming out to the show! Before I knew it I was within feet of him again and I got my picture!! I also made sure to tell him that Philadelphia misses him and he is an incredible performer (I had so much else to say but couldn't remember anything) Needless to say this was one of the best days of my life and it is all thanks to my role model, Hunter Hayes<3

P.S. props to you if you read my entire novel about my experience and I hope you get the chance to meet Hunter!