Most Wanted Tour Wrap

Hey Guys - I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving! Here's what I'm grateful for....YOU! This Most Wanted Tour has been UNBELIEVABLE, thanks to every single one of you who showed up, sang along, made posters, tee shirts, and everyone who came to the meet and greet. Thank you thank you thank you!! I hope you have a wonderful, thankful holiday season. You guys are the best! - God Bless. HH

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rockstar321's picture

nice video!

lovehunterhayes555's picture

This video is amazing. I can tell how much time and effort you put into editing this, especially at the beginning. Wow! It's really great that you spend time doing that for your fans. WE LOVE YOU HUNTER!!!! Keep doing what you do!!! Don't ever change!!!


hayniac's picture

Thank you so much for having the best tour EVER! 10-27-11 was the best day of my life(: I love you so much Hunter, come back to Grand Rapids soon<3

hunterlover4evs's picture

Awww! I love this video!! He sounds the exact same in a concert as he does on an album!! <3 I love you Hunter!!