Meeting Hunter Hayes :)

Yesterday i went to a BBQ festival but i wasnt going for the food, i was going to see Hunter Hayes perform :) I discovered Hunter through Taylor but he didnt perform at one of my concerts :( I found out he was performing at this thing and it was free and i got really excited! we got there about an hour and a half before he was set to go on. When we got there we went to the merchandise place and I bought a T-Shirt :) i got his album a looonnngggg time ago and i knew all the lyrics by heart :) Then i asked the guy who was selling the merch if he knew if there would be a meet and greet and he said they were thinking about doing one but they didnt know. After we bought the shirt, we went to the stage and my friend and I stood in the 2nd row (kind of, there wasnt set rows so it was hard to tell) We were also standing right in front of the mic and the piano so the whole entire time we were RIGHT in front of him!! when he came on i started screaming and freaking out haha :) He sang 10 songs in all and he did an amazing job! i had so much fun! and i was so close! :) He looked at me 3 times while he was performing :) When he was done we ran back to the merch table! there was a huge line! they had police tape all taped up to form a line so we got in line and we still didnt know if there would be a meet and greet but then the merch guy was telling people that if they wanted to buy merch they needed to do it now so my friend went up and got us each a bracelet while i saved her spot in line. When she got back, these two guys started walking down the line and telling us that Hunter was coming out but since he had to fly out tonight, we had to take a group picture and he was only signing merchandise. I was so happy that i brought my album with me because i almost left it at home! i was so excited! when it was finally our turn, i walked up to him and he said hey then i asked him for a hug :) haha he said sure then did a cute little laugh and gave me a hug! :) then he asked my name while he was signing my cd and i was tearing up and shaking so hard haha:) then we took the picture and i turned to him and said "You're so amazing, I love you so much!" then he did his cute little laugh and smiled haha :) but then i had to go. When we got out of the crowd, i was shaking so much! i couldnt even put the lyric booklet back in the cd case haha :) It was so amazing and i still cant believe that happened! i love him so much and im so happy i had the chance to meet him! he is sooo sweet :)

Thats awesome!

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That is incredible!!! I'm seeing him Saturday at something similar and I hope I have the luck that you did with meeting him!! I love hearing about how other Hayniacs got to meet him!