Meet Hunter Hayes

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tess's picture

Coffee In Vegas? I just love your story, You have such a beautiful, honest, sincere Voice. I know that you will go far, and I am so excited to hear your music Live. The Hoedown is pretty fun and I love hearing all the new music, you are amazing.

CMCampbell93's picture

hi Hunter! i have NO idea if you even read these but i just wanted to say you are amazing! i play alot of instruments too but i dont think that many haha :P i just wanted to say i REALLY hope i get to meet you on October 28th! im so excited! ♥

laned91's picture

Hunter you inspire me so much. I saw you in 2009 at the Black Bear Festival in Franklin and it was awesome hopefully I can see you again soon..

juliana rose's picture

hunter, i need to meet youu! i am absolutley your biggest fann i cry whenever i see you in concertt...(lol)) i cant wait to see you in chicago!(:

juliana rose's picture

omg hunter i am such a huge fan! i listen to your songs everyday and i know all of themm(almost). i saw you at paddy-o's in st.louis then at the taylor swift concert in st. louis and imma go see you in chicago september ninthh. i would do anything to meet you(even thought i would probably faint). anyway, i just wanted to say i think your absolutely amazingg.. keep it upp!(:

adopthayesfan's picture

hunter i loveeeee uuu soooo much!!!!!

Dance56's picture

Hunter you are just amazing!! I could sit and watch there videos all day! Im in love with your music, its really all I listen to anymore!

Lottie's picture

I seen Hunter about 3 or 4 years ago at the Catfish Festival in Conroe Texas. He was 16 at the time and I knew then he would be big someday. Hunter is the total package. He's a very talented young man with a bright future ahead of him.

sc.countrygirl's picture

Hunter you are soo amazing!! I think I'm your biggest fan already!! I've listened to the 4 songs on your homepage & I believe I know every word!! You have great talent, I love to hear you sing! :)