For The Love Of Music - Episode 6

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MknzSham's picture

Made my Summerfest!

Ms.Shelbyhayes's picture

I was there in Fort Loramie Ohio. I live Right next to where this took place! It was Awesome how they placed Together!!!!

BlondieK143's picture

Hunter, you NEED to teach me to play guitar...your are so amazing, and talented. I saw you in Portland OR and was astonished how great you are live! I'm SOOOO looking forward to seeing you again someday! -Kristen! <3

Tara23's picture

Wow, I'm seeing you next month in Virgina and after watching this I'm a little scared because now you're drawing in huge crowds! When I saw you in Reinholds, PA there weren't a lot of people there but now the crowds are getting bigger and bigger :/ But I'm super happy for you, Hunter :) You deserve those huge crowds. You've come so far and you're doing great <3 Keep up the fantastic work!

dazedbyhayes1112's picture

seems like this monday took forever to come.... luv watching these but i wished they nvr ended.... ugh now i gotta wait a whole week for the nxt one :\