For The Love Of Music - Episode 4

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kansasprincess's picture

omg. this was in KANSAS CITY????? WHERE WAS I???

1hayniac's picture

Hunter Hayes, you are AMAZING!!! The Kansas city concert was A BLAST!!! You can see my lime green "I <3 HH" poster at the beginning of the video!:D I LOVE YOU TOO PIECES!<3

poptarts's picture

That looks so fun!!!!! I wanna try that it seems like it would be just like motorcycling but with 4 wheels. I love u, HUNTER!!!!

Tara23's picture

I'm impressed. You did pretty awesome driving that after you got the hang of it. I know I could never do that :P You never fail to make me smile and laugh <3 And you were amazing on Crossroads by the way. Really awesome job, Hunter :)

dazedbyhayes1112's picture

ya kno u always make me smile :) haha how cute..... and whts it like seeing urself on tv? pretty cool..... huh?!