Hunter Visits "After MidNite"

Tune in to hear After MidNite guest host Hunter Hayes on 2/17 and 2/18! Get all the info on

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wildflame's picture

i would quote all his funny and outrageously cute things he did but THERE ARE JUST TOO MANY OF THEM!!!!!!!!! hhhaa ssoo wish to see him in concert <3

iluvHHandGod's picture

You are so CUTE I mean like that line "I get to sit in the BIG chair!" that is the type of feeling I had when I got to stand basically right by the stage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

irishluvr's picture

I think i just fell in love a little more with the Beetles shirt! <3

hayeslover1231's picture

"i get to sit in the big chair" "blubbbbbbbb" you are to adorable when your just waking up ♥

Tara23's picture

"Do you have a celebrity crush?" (awkward pause) Hahaha I died of laughter right there :D

BrookeCrosby106's picture

"I get to sit in the BIG chair." and "Wait, Did i say that out loud?" i laugh every time!! Love you Hunter!!!

HuntersBFF's picture

Aw man i missed it :( i'm sure he did great! I'm seeing his show tommarrow! He's coming to Tampa Florida!!!!! CAN"T WAIT!!!!!!!!

dazedbyhayes1112's picture

"I get to sit in the big chair!" haha the way u said it :p however dont raise it too high ur feet might nt touch the ground....(bt dont feel bad... mine wouldnt either :p)