Hunter Hayes "Storm Warning" composite

This is what happens when I get ahold of a film crew and a green parent's worst nightmare! haha!

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So cool, Hunter and very creative. Keep it up!

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Wow he is so amazing! He played 30 instruments on his album. I love u Hunter Hayes

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hahaha i love it!!!!

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Your parents nightmare would be my dream lo(;

Mrs.HHayes's picture

I want one!:)

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Hunter's every where(: that's the best nightmare ever(;

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Still can't believe that you played EVERY SINGLE INSTRUMENT on that album!! I want to try that sometime

futureaction's picture

hahaha funny youngster but cool :) nice guyez keep it up ...


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if only there was tht many hunter's... i call the real oneee!!!! <3

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That's so cool I can't believe you did that. Awesome job! :)

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ha ha ha lol

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Now every girl can have their own Hunter Hayes!

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I would be willing to live in that nightmare... :) <3

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If there were that many Hunters! They wouldn't have to drink so much coffee :-)

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haha, maybe your parents worse nightmare, but my dream come true :) <3

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that was funny and cute