Hunter Hayes Live in Concert

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Junebug's picture

It wouldn't let me watch!! :(

celiathomson's picture

Yes off course he is the best and i love his songs. But I never attended any live shows of hunter. I am eagerly waiting for his live concert. I wish very soon they will have live shows.

countrygirlforlife's picture

that is so true! he has an amazing voice live and oon the album....

countrygirlforlife's picture

i want to go to one of ur concerts sooooooooo bad, when r u coming to spokane next? I WANNA SEE YOU!!!!! hunter, you are amazing and dont let anyone tell you different!!!

Erinlove509's picture

It wouldn't let me watch it

dazedbyhayes1112's picture

Hunter, u r just as awesome live as u r on ur album.... and im sure u kno this.... but thts HUGE! it is so hard to find someone with a consistant sound no matter where they r..... thts true talent!