Happy Holidays

I hope you guys are having a happy holiday! Thank you for everything this year. Really looking forward to you guys seeing what we have planned for next year. Hope you have a chance to hang out and chill out and enjoy the holiday with family and friends. See you soon!

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sesamestreet's picture

How I wish you could have your concert here in our country. I'm really love the way you sing.

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dennyjames's picture

When the company is good, every place gives us pleasure. Holidays are meant to be spend with family and so the place should be decided accordingly.

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lovehunterhayes555's picture

Happy Holidays Hunter!! Although you won't ever see this... :(

dazedbyhayes1112's picture

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU TOO, HUNTER!!!!!! U hav literally been the highlight of my Christmas... I got tix to go c u with Rascal Flatts in Columbus, OH, and my mom took some pics from your concerts we went too and framed them... i cant wait to c what u hav planned for next year's tour (and im hopin that meet and greets are squeezed in to tht)... enjoy ur break and c ya soon!!!!