A Day In The Life (Week 11)

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haneyreagan's picture

hes a guy duhhh

iluvHHandGod's picture

"we'll try 8 now" lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hunter I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Junebug's picture

You are so for able I can't help but laugh and smile hole watching your videos! :)

beau123hunterhayes's picture

It is really cool to see what you do every day, its a way to connect with your fans , which is nice to know you make video's just us!

beau123hunterhayes's picture

I saw you on good morning America and you sounded great! I wish I could have seen you live when you came to RI, but every time I called into win tickets for cat country 98.1 the phone was busy, I really wished I did, hopefully when you have your another tour I can see you live! I bet you sound just like on the radio!:)

TheStorm's picture

were you carrying a purse into the bus at the end???

dazedbyhayes1112's picture

keep making these vids!!! luv em' (and u) i always get a GREAT laugh out of them in some way... so awesome

lovehunterhayes555's picture

I completely agree with you!!! That would be awesome and your fans love it!!!! Can't get enough of Hunter Hayes <3

Kellee's picture

I think you should keep doing these videos!! :) Maybe not weekly, if you're busy, but every now n then. :) It's cute and special for those of us that follow your website. :)

HunterLover's picture

I would love to have a day in your life, or all the days!!

Samm's picture

I wish i really had a day in your life..or with you in your life:]