Carrie Underwood The blown Away Tour Announcement

Wicked early here in Seattle but I've got something EPIC to tell you guys. Watch THIS! (Hint, Hint :) Carrie Underwood)

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k.d_'s picture

I love your voice... I just had to say that:) it sounds so.... idk i just love it :D

HHsnumber1fan's picture

Im trying to get tickets!!!!! for Dec. 11 but there arent ebough tickets for me and ALL my friends!!!! UGH!!! :(

poptarts's picture

Im so excited! And in utah its on october 10th wednesday, every wednesday for a while now has been hunter hayes wednesday i wear my hunter shirt every week but only on that day. Every thing good about hunter hayes mostly happens to me on wednesday! :)

JCHUSAFVET's picture

I am usually one of those that stick with the singers that have been a part of Country Music for a long time and do not give a lot of thought to many of the new artists, it seems when you do they disappear all too soon. This young man is one that I think has the ability to be around for awhile. He has a great voice and really seems to be someone that really loves being out and doing something that he loves to do. So I wish him all the best for a very long career and Country Music is the place to be and hopefully he will stick with it and have a very long and great career.

music_tv_fan's picture

I am excited to see you in Utah Oct 10th. It will be a blast. Looking forward to it.

idolcarrie's picture

so excited! :D

piggilywiggily5's picture

Youre coming to Michigan twice and i hope i can get floor seats just to see you :)