So, I've started to really like Hunter Hayes, but as I was look for merchandise and his album I realised that their were few music stores and people who had heard of him! I think he would have a really big market up here if he did some tours and started getting stores to sell his merchandise and albums! Their are a lot of country fans in Canada and I think he should start thinking more globally instead of just in the United States. I couple days ago I showed him to my friend who's a big country fan, and she had never ever heard of him! The only thing she knew was that he was touring with Rascal Flatts (one of her favourite bands.) I'm just putting it out there, I think he would have a good chance of making it globally!!!


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I agree 100% I would love to have more Hunter merchandise in Canada! I have really gotten into his music and was kind of disappointed when I could only see him on tour with Carrie and not on his own! I would really enjoy seeing him widen his fan base instead of just sticking to the United States, my friends and I really love you and your music Hunter!!