Bus Tour (Week 10)

In week 1, I showed you a little bit of the bus - but I wanted to take you on a real tour. This is my crib!

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dazedbyhayes1112's picture

alright so the other day i decided to watch week 1-the tour wrap up (even tho ive seen them all countless times) this one and the "Storm Warning Express" and u performing on the airplane are my favs!!! i laugh so hard and sometimes i just watch them alone and end up laughing in an empty room :p haha

Tara23's picture

"We couldn't afford proper bedding so we stole the flag from the music video...so that's there...big "Storm Warning" flag" Ha Ha I can't even explain how much I love you and your music, Hunter! Keep up the AMAZING work :)

dazedbyhayes1112's picture

haha yeh i basically died while watching tht! "...It'S 5:30 RICK!!!!!" thts pretty funny.... still gets me everytime!

norrey's picture

Wow! you can play 8 billion different instruments, edit great videos, you're sweet and charming, like trail mix and you're amazingly good looking! it's not fair for one person to have that much talent but what's even less fair is that there isn't on of you for every girl in the world

lovehunterhayes555's picture

"It's FIVE THIRTY RIck!!!!!!!!" Bahahahahahahahaaha I laughed so so soooo hard I fell on the floor and couldn't breathe :)

mmizikar06's picture

I just wanted to say you did amazing opening for Taylor Swift in Grand Rapids, MI a few nights ago! I loved your songs the second you started singing!

julia_nicolee's picture

hey hunter, you should message me.. ;)
ithink your a great artist and im so glad to hear your song storm warning on the radio. i hope wanted gets put on soon. your very talented

BeMine's picture

It's so cool to see a show that I went to in the video and your tour bus is awesome! Can't wait for week 11!