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Just checked now I have 3 followers not so bad anymore.

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So the Vampire Diaries is new tonight. I can't wait also The Secret Circle, but I don't really watch that show. I only have two followers on twitter. I am surprised I have that many. I not famous and none of my friends have one so I was thinking that no one would follow me. Guess I was wrong.

Hunters Music

I first found out about Hunter in 2011. I was up late watching CMT. Then this super cute guy pops up and he was an amazing singer. I was instantly hooked. the nexed day i looked up Hunter on google and found out that he had tons of AMAZING music. Now all i want to hear is his amazing voice and all i want to see is his super cute guitar face as he rocks. I love every tinhg about him. I amde a twitter just so i could follow him. When im at school im on the computer watching him an my you tube chanel when im at home i listen to his songs on my i pod. I LOVE YOU HUNTER HAYES.

Hunter Hayes

I can not wait to meet Hunter Hayes at the Birmingham concert!:)


I get to video chat with Hunter<33
Thank you Mommy and Daddy for making all my dreams come true<3

I <3 Hunter!!!! :)

I disovered Hunter about a week ago. Hello My name is Helena Starr Williams I am 13 and outgoing!! I love to play sports and most of all I LOVE to sing, I might not be very good at singing but everyone tells me that I am...... I live in a small town in Kentucky and I would love to meet Hunter!!! That would be a dream come true!!!! Hunter if your reading this I LOVE you your such a good singer!!:) My friend Ashely is a big fan also...... Love ya Hunter!!

- Helena Williams :)

Jester's Blog

So I really want to go to the concert in Hershey on January 14, but that is not going to happen. :(

Thank You Hunter! <3

Hi Everyone,
I just want to thank Hunter for actually being a real, genuine person. He isn't like a lot of singers who do it for money. He does it because it's his passion and he loves doing it. And thats why I love him.
He has the looks and voice of an angel but hes a real person. A person that I would love to have the chance to meet <3


(sorry no picture)


Hey everyone(:

I am determined to write a blog every single time i log on now!
Which is a lot ,so I will probably have a lot of blogs when I'm done!
Another thing I am determined to do is post a picture of Hunter on every single post!
Whether that happens or not we will see..
But yeah..


An attempt at writing a blog ... (:

Okay.. soo I have never written a blog.
But I'm willing to try.. (:

For starters:
I am a huge Hunter Hayes fan. I like to think fo myself as his biggest fan. But I know that's probably not possible since soo many people love him. And that is the beautiful thing. My personal oppinion is that because of all his beautiful music he has all these amazing fans. And even through hard times he will always have us as fans.

Second thing:

I am not very good at this whole writing thing, but I'm hoping writing about something that I deeply care about will make me a better writer.

An attempt at writing a blog ... (: