Somebody’s Heartbreak

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daryl's picture

Enchanting lyrics with heartwarming messages. Your music really fits to those who needs music that can express their brokenhearted feelings. Continue what you are doing and keep up!
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jdolan's picture

I love this song!! So sweet :)

Stepf Gregory's picture

HUNTER EASTON HAYES i love you SOOOOOOOO much! its november 11th at 8:40 pm in rhode island and i just requested SOMEBODY'S HEARTBREAK on my local radio station and they played it!!!!!!!! first time i heard it on the radio (i know, i'm ashamed). i'm so proud of you hunter!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 ;D

Jennifer_Rose33's picture

I was at the Minneapolis Blown Away concert where you shot the video for Somebody's Heartbreak. I was just wondering when it will come out (because I am an anxiously waiting fan)!! :)

taylorgomez's picture

It is very factual my friend! trade with heartbreak will also make you or break you. here we are offering you the best broken heart quotes collection of and you can send it to your friends.

MorganRiley1996's picture

I love this song, you are such a good singer:)

kassy2015's picture

You are such an amazing singer. I love every one of your songs and I can't wait to go to your concert on the 27th :)

Jordandesireyordy's picture

My favorite song <3

smithy15's picture

I love all your songs<3