Hunter Hayes

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Dear Hunter,
You are my favorite singer of all time. I absolutely love you and your music. I listen to your music all day everyday. It never gets old. I love love love hearing you on the radio. You are amazing. I saw you in concert over the summer and even though it rained the whole time, it was the best concert I have ever been to. Don't ever stop singing and making music. You have an incredible gift and are so talented. I hope to meet you in person one day. I love you!!! :)

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I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH HUNTER <3 Your my favorite singer , every time i listen to the song wanted I cry . I listen to you ALL the time!

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Last day of school is tomorrow- i listen to Hunter all the time when i get ready for bed at night! good luck hunter- (you reaaly should have won breakthru video last night-i was kinda mad!)

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Studying for my finals was bearable thanks to his album...listen to him none stop <3
I can't wait till May 20th when I get to hear him in person!! So excited :)

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OKKKK! soooo u hav a song on the "Act of Valor" cd/movie.... LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! i only get the 1min and 30sec preview bt thts plenty!!! cant wait to hear the whole thing... and im now considering going to the movie when it comes out (just cuz u hav a song in it :p)

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Dear Hunter,
I'm a huge fan, iv seen you in concert twice so far and i heard you sing this very amazing song called "light me up" & i LOVE it. Its just one of those songs that you can't stop singing.. i would absolutely love it if you could post lyrics or i don't know.... put it on your next album? ;)
p.s. don't stop making music EVER because you are INCREDIBLY TALENTED! Some people choose music, but music chose you! God has really blessed you with an amazing gift!
- Alyssa Joy

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Dear Hunter,

I really love your song called Cry With You, me and my best friend were listening to it and i cried. i think you are always going to be my very favorite singer, i love both you as a singer and a person. I am 15 and i live in California, I like you so much and i would do anything to meet you, it would be my most treasured memory... i have read all the stories of girls who have been lucky enough to meet you and i just wish i could be one of them...

I love you so much and hope one day i can really see you in person.
Your biggest fan
age 15