The wait for new music is over!

Hunter has partnered with COUNTRY Financial to bring you "Light Me Up," a never before released track that until now could only be heard in concert. Now YOU can download "Light Me Up" exclusively at the COUNTRY Financial Road Trips and Guitar Picks Facebook page,

"I am really excited to team up with COUNTRY Financial to finally release 'Light Me Up'," Hunter says. "This has been such a great relationship so far and to top it off by releasing this song on The Road Trips and Guitar Picks Facebook page is such a great way to say thanks to all the fans for their support!"

Listen to "Light Me Up" and let us know what you think in the comments below!

COUNTRY Financial is also giving you a chance to win a VIP Experience with Hunter. Winners will get tickets to the show and go backstage where they can have a photo taken with Hunter, ask him questions and hear a special acoustic performance.

More ways to win...

Even if you can't make it to a concert, COUNTRY is giving you more chances to win with Hunter. Follow the Trips and Picks Facebook page to gain access to these additional exclusive features:
• Catch Hunter in concert through an upcoming Livestream tour. You will be able to watch online for free as Hunter plays these intimate, exclusive, live concerts. There also will be chances for you to win tickets to these shows.
• Be a part of the "Light Me Up" video. You have the chance to appear in Hunter's fan-featured music video for "Light Me Up" by submitting a short video of what inspires them.

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hoping that this movie is also distributed in other countries particularly in Asia-Pacific region knowing that they like English-language films.

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MaggieLovesHunter's picture

O my gosh.. Love this song so much!!!!!!! It's amazing!! Downloading it right now!:) love you!

lovehunterforever's picture

I LOVE THIS SONG! HUNTER YOU LIGHT ME UP:) I still can't believe I met you! Love you forever!

rachelhaskins's picture

I love it! Every song Hunter writes/performs is amazing!! :)

Shelbs17's picture

Just listened to this on Facebook and it was AMAZING!!!!!!! Can't wait to here more from you Hunter... Love you sooo so much!! Hayes Crazed forever!!!

Kapalzz's picture

MY NEW FAVORITE SONG! :) thank you! I love it!

Kaitlin Underwood's picture

I absolutly LOVE Light Me Up! It is one of the best songs that I have heard! Keep up the good work!!!!!!!

court2012's picture

"Light Me Up" is amazing!! Your awesome Hunter!! :)

dazedbyhayes1112's picture


DawsonGroves's picture

Hunter, this new song is amazing!